MSW My Swiss Watch watches purchased from the official online store benefit from the manufacturer's limited warranty for life. This covers manufacturing defects in materials and production. In the event of a defect covered by the guarantee, MSW My Swiss Watch Sarl undertakes, if applicable and at its own discretion, to repair your MSW My Swiss Watch or to exchange it for an identical model or an equivalent similar model, at its expense, as one and only compensation.n.
The warranty becomes void when the watch has been returned, for free maintenance, to MSW My Swiss Watch Sarl later than every five years 60 months to the day. The maintenance service will be invoiced when the watch is received at MSW My Swiss Watch Sarl before the 57th month.ois.
The warranty does not cover the bracelet, bars, clasp, normal wear and tear, color change, scratches on the glass, bezel, bracelet or case, improper handling, as well as damage resulting from abuse or incorrect use, accidents or unauthorized repairs. The international warranty is only valid if the warranty certificate is properly completed, dated and certified by MSW My Swiss Watch Sarl. The manufacturer limits its warranty for repair and exchange.hange.