MSW My Swiss Watch , of course!

Lifetime warranty

Convinced of the quality of our creations, we are committed to guaranteeing your watch for life.

Thanks to a rigorous selection of our partners, exclusively in Switzerland, we offer you a creation that stands the test of time and conditions..

Choose your MSW My Swiss Watch to follow you for life.


Development and design in Switzerland


49mm diameter

The Field collection sees things big!

Lifetime free maintenance

Only MSW My Swiss Watch has the know-how to properly maintain an MSW My Swiss Watch. Accordingly and for your convenience, we offer you lifetime maintenance as well as lifetime warranty.

An MSW My Swiss Watch is a timeless timepiece.



MSW My Swiss Watch was born in our family. We have always wanted to transmit to our children values such as integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect.

Passionate about rugby, we have chosen to create our brand to crystallize these values and withstand the trials of life.

Our creations are the result of years of research, work, but also of sharing and dreams.

We want to create a community with strong values, recognizable by the wearing of one of our creations, over the generations.

Denis chappatte

Founder and owner of MSW My Swiss Watch

Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect

are the values of Rugby that push us every day to excel in the art of watchmaking creation..

By choosing our brand, you are affirming that you are part of our community of sporty gentlemen.

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